… weapons. *3* Eerinyan desires those warrior swords~

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JTERA Ninja Costumes


Wear that and I just might

God, the casta males…

The elf males omg… *3*




Video i was looking at in search of more info on this KTera Facebook event for a certain pair of headphones. To which i still don’t know shit about so don’t ask. It’s only been 6-ish hours since it popped up. According to the facebook page anyway..

But i did like the last few shots of the Elin in this video i saw on the page..and i suppose if they are staying true to this (though given the bee Elin in the back who knows) that this would be the tail for the new short haired “dragon” or now seemingly “demon” Elin? Dunno but i like it, even if i was wishing for a more dragon like tail. Of course, not like this is set in stone or anything unless i missed again who knows.

OMG I love how Elin look here, thats so badass, the armor, hairstyles, ears/tails and overall style is beautiful! can’t wait (´ ▽`).。o♡

E-elins with boobs? Nuuuuuu! Q_Q



New all elin class and elin race for Tera

Hmmm.. cant say if I approve or not.


Well Im back on Tera Online again. FFXIV was only a month worth of entertainment, really… True, it got much to do and lots of options, and supercute lalafells, but I didnt find any friends, friendly guilds or communities, so I felt alone and lost most of the time. So its back to safe Tera, and Tales of Elin. :3 New costumes, the school uniform, which I had waited long for. But first the summer bathing suits… which was lame, I wanted the really cute ones. But I have all the last years swimsuits so I was fine. Even ran into Tomara, and two others for ToE enjoying the summer fun. :3

Tomara and I got matching school uniforms too. I want the kitty bag, but maybe next time I got money… I got the Steampunk outfit too, gonna save up for the weapon-skin as well. Eerina do good as Steampunk when she`s riding on the black panther mount. ^_^

Also I decided to try PvP (and to see the new adjustments to the quests early in the game) so I made a warrior on Balder. Her name is Ainsel, like my zerk, but she is tons of cute! I wuv her already. <3



KTERA: New Masquerade Ball Costumes

T_T suddenly female human is hot


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Unyaaaa.. rambling, desu.

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I`ve had a lovely summervacation! ^_^ … and its not been fun playing Tera because Toma-kun have been so busy and neglecting - and thrown the whole guild responsibility on me. =_= Yes Toma, I know you read my blog, and feel guilty, but Im not cut out to be a GM. Same goes for you, obviously, since you feel the same about this responsibility. ><”

Anyways - Im hyped about the new patch coming, really! But Im gonna cheat on Tera with FFXIV Online occasionally… and all these dating sims I have gotten on my phone, gawd they are too addicting! I spent almost 100$ on one game just to progress one character (ehem, NinjaLove, ehem, Goemon)! Im ashamed! XD

And I will end this rant with a picture of these lovely swimsuits that Im DYING to get my hands on! >w< Plz plz plz be purchasable from store…!

Summerlove from

~ Eerina


Eerina for Vanarch, nya! And shoot me for spelling mistakes…

So as I am GM of <We Have Cookies> this month, I`ve decided to try for Vanarch. I went way to Baldera and over the mountains to find the right background for these pics… then I fell down and couldnt unstuck, scroll out, atlas or being summoned from Bestial Vale or town. I felt desperate and scared for a moment… so I had to wait for a priest to summon me out from within Baldera. Finally Dantos of <Laughing Coffin>, and a old guildmember from ToE, Orin, heard my plea and they came to summon me out. Boy was I glad that worked. So I gave them a tour of the place in gratitude, and my services whenever they need me. Also a lifetime support of bananas…

Also met Balumka and Lucchi in Veritas. Nice to meet on cute elin friends once in a while. ^_^





Lillia tried to support Valdir because she already experienced the horror once

And because heroes should be able to deal with shit


Finally someone took the words and image out of my head.. dear GAWD I hate collecting shit for quests. Literally…